The Roles and Duties of the Homeland Security Specialist in the Criminal Justice Field

There are many different things you will be trained on as a Homeland Security Specialist in the field of criminal justice. These things include juvenile justice, American legal systems, constitutional law, cultural diversity in criminal justice, techniques and technologies, and countering terrorism.

As a specialist in Homeland Security, you will need to be educated and trained on juvenile justice. This is because the theories cover the emergence of a terrorist’s mindset. Terrorists are raised and learning the roots of the delinquency problems such as abuse and neglect can help raise flags about certain individuals.

You will also need to have a clean understanding of the American legal systems as a homeland security specialist. The conventional hierarchy of the legal system should be clearly understood because you will be an employee of this system.

The interests of society and the rights of individuals are being weighed and are a primary concern of police officers today. As an agent of homeland security you will deal with the constantly changing and evolving area of law enforcement working with police and officers.

Cultural diversity is very important as a homeland security officer. You need to know the different cultures of the people you are responsible for policing. Agents need to be able to narrow down the variables of the different cultures of individuals. This is not a risk an agent can afford taking if they don’t know the different backgrounds and cultures. Culture norms change all of the time for people and it is important to stay educated and on top of the different changes.

One of the jobs you might have as a homeland security agent is to catch coyotes at the border trying to smuggle in illegal drugs and illegal aliens into the country. This is an ongoing problem in the United States and the need for homeland security agents is growing dramatically.

Most of the jobs as homeland security agents reside at the border of Mexico. The problems with illegal drugs being brought into the United States are astounding. The amount of dangerous criminals crossing the borders illegally is even worse. There are hundreds of people dying each year from dehydration and heat exhaustion trying to make it in the high temperatures. Homeland security agents are needed to lower these numbers and provide safety for the citizens of the country.

As a Homeland Security Specialist in the criminal justice field you will be working closely with local law enforcements and you will be very savvy on the legal system and how it works. The primary needs today for agents is at the border of Mexico to stop the heavy drug trafficking and the illegal aliens from crossing the border.

As you can see, the homeland security agent plays many roles and duties in the criminal justice field. There are a lot more roles and duties than I can cover in this short article.

In you are interested in the homeland security career, I encourage you to do more research on the internet. You can do this by visiting websites that cover the profession in more detail. This will help you decide if this career is indeed for you.

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